Risk-Managed US Based Equity, Visa and Property Investments

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Core Business

BAI Capital was established through Become American Investor LLC in 2013 to assist private companies in the area of US based project capitalization.Over the last 8 years, BAI Capital has become a boutique firm specializing in raising, investing and managing private capital for investment in new companies and projects. Specializing in the real estate sector, BAI is regionally active in the States of Florida, Texas, and New York.

Each BAI Capital business is structured as a closed, private fund that capitalizes funds from high-income families and individuals located inside and outside the United States. Capital is applied to previously analyzed and structured investments normally having a life cycle of 5 to 7 years.

Our model is similar to that of a Growth Fund where the main objective is to maximize the return on investment -ROI- by appreciating the capital invested. At BAI Capital we focus on generating maximum performance for our clients by applying their resources to projects and companies at a very early stage and exiting once stabilized.

In certain projects, BAI Capital also offers its clients the possibility of investing in investment funds structured according to the rules of the Federal EB5 Visa Program for Immigrants, where, in addition to participating in economic returns, the Investor and his family can submit a permanent VISA or Green Card application from the United States.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, with exclusive representatives located outside of the United States, BAI Capital is a client-oriented boutique company with a sophisticated team of investment advisers. We have the experience and resources necessary to offer exclusive and select investment opportunities not available from other sources, projects where we ourselves also invest.

BAI Capital's investment offerings, the result of a level of demand between risk and profitability, manage to retain a portfolio of clients with substantive purchasing power, investors that accompany us in different projects.

As a result of the exponential growth achieved in recent years, BAI Capital has become vertically integrated to offer the client a complete solution to their invested capital, in the following business structures...

BAI Capital

Survey, application and management of private capital in projects and companies subscribed through project-specific closed funds and managed by Become American Investor LLC


Development of real estate projects, self-funded and/ or invested by our clients via Become American Investor LLC

Visas: EB5 & E2

Raising, applying and managing private capital in projects structured under the EB5 Visa | Immigration Investor and E2 Visa | Treaty Investor Program.


Resale, and annual or vacation rental of BAI Capital Development properties, or where economic resources have been applied and managed by BAI Capital.


At BAI Capital we believe a balanced portfolio is the best way to move ahead with your capital, in both the short and long term. Our expertise lies in risk-managed, stable US based equity, visa and property investments.

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