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Realty Investments for the Astute Investor

BAI Capital’s team of realty specialists dedicate themselves to help you own the best property possible. Ideal locations coupled with low mortgage rates help secure your return on investment.

From a financial standpoint, BAI Capital has a track record of working exclusively in upswing area projects. That is, we invest with our equity and realty partners in areas that show significant potential for immediate growth. Our location analysis also includes long term (10 year +) projections. This allows flexibility for investment exit strategies: the realty investor can benefit from rental income on top of mid to long term property appreciation.

The various types of properties that BAI Capital and their clients invest in include pre-construction, already built and retail buy and lease back.

Property Ownership Returns arise in 2 main ways: rental income and property appreciation.

Rental/ buy and lease back
This is a time honored way of passively expanding capital, whereby rental or lease income surpasses mortgage payments, or when owned outright, turns into straight profit. Recurring income as provided by property rentals and leasing is a wonderful turnkey plan for retirees, whether based in the US or abroad.  

Property Appreciation
Old money wisely invests in land because it is finite. In areas of upward economic growth, demand for land always exceeds supply, leading to steady appreciation.
So on top of rental income, investments in carefully selected properties rarely see appreciation losses.

For example, you can see the following returns in your property investment:
Pre-construction buy to rent: rental incomes plus property value capital gains target return of 12% per year
2. Brand new already built property: buy and rent on yearly basis or through AirBnb
3. Retail Property buy and lease back with anticipated fixed cap rate 6% to 7%.

What to expect when partnering with BAI Realty
When you choose BAI, you choose a partner who has already carefully selected the best properties for your investment. As a new owner, you receive the peace of mind you deserve, to gain returns both short and long term.

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